We have 50 years experience in the Girona region

We know the continuing needs of our customers

Professional solutions painting, rehabilitation, waterproofing and maintenance


Aggsa Grup is a company specialised in restoring and renovating buildings, waterpfoofing roofs and terraces, installing thermarl insulation and providing water leakage solutions. We have 50 years experience in the Girona region.


Pintures Carrasco is our pioneer company in the painting and interior and exterior decorating sector. It taught us how to identify customers ongoing needs, in the areas of restoration, waterproofing and thermal insulation; experience that led to the creation of Aïllaments Generals Gironins.


Over time we discovered that a lot of the dampness problems in buildings were caused by a lack of maintenance and cleaning on roofs and terraces. That was our cue for the founding of Mancober; a company specialised in roof and terrace maintenance through periodical revisions.


The reality is that we act in our ever covered roof or, if we do not have moisture problems or something damaged. With a simple operation such as maintenance can prevent damp, leaks, especially headaches.


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