AGGSA Grup was founded as a company dedicated to painting and decoration of interiors, but based on the experience and knowledge of the needs of our customers, increase services such as rehabilitation, waterproofing and insulation.

The continuous evolution and the approach to the improvement of our services caused a new extension towards the maintenance and cleaning of decks and roofs.

This concern for the improvement of services has led us to that, currently, AGGSA has a team of competent and versatile to carry out any work, and again, that this does not stop for any reason, in order to give greater coverage to our customers.

AGGSA Grup, aware that their activities have to orient towards the satisfaction of our customers, believes that quality management has to be a framework of our daily work.

AGGSA intends to execute the works with respect for the environment and believe that you have to know in depth the environmental impact both their activities and facilities available.